It’s about time to change your old suitcase

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Does your old suitcase start singing on the last verse? Then it’s time to start scanning the market after new. You might not think about it, but the trend on travel bags has gone a long way in recent years. A modern bag is more easy-to-use and smoother in many ways.

What we think you should keep in mind when changing bag

Travel bags in time

Today, good bags are made in strong but still lightweight materials. It allows you to get space and more without tumbling on the weight. Also choose a bag with extendable handle. This facilitates transport on and off, for example, the airplane.

Modern bags have wheels placed on the long side. This because the bag should not start wobbling. This was definitely a problem with the old variety, where the wheels were close to each other.

To consider when to buy a suitcase

Short trip.

For the short trip that lasts only a couple of days, a bag of 20-30 liters is sufficient. Please choose a slightly softer bag that also has approved cabin dimensions. That way, you do not have to check your luggage. Although you have delicate luggage, you may still consider a harder bag.

Tips on stylish and practical bags for a little shorter trip can be found here.

One to two weeks

The best bag holds 40 to 50 liters. The choice between soft or hard bag depends on how often you travel and if you are in need of flexible space or not. If you invest in hard bags made of polypropylene plastic, they usually last longer and clearly protect the contents. But, of course, the benefit of the soft bag is so flexible that you may get in that little extra touch that you always arrive immediately before packing.

long journey

We recommend bags of at least 70 liters for long journeys. Otherwise, the same recommendations apply as for trips of one to two weeks.


Are you traveling with a larger bag that you must check in. Do not forget to put a luggage strap around the bag. An inexpensive way to insure yourself, despite the fact that your bag is broken, should break.

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